Messaging auto response will reply to the message/chat in inbox message automatically. You can choose to reply with simple text or use response with templates.

Responses will be matched in appeared order, if no response is matched default one will be sent (if set).

  1. To view all of your messaging responses navigate to "Responses" section.
  2. Select "Messaging" tab.
  3. Controls of messaging responses list:
    1. Quick search input used to filter responses.
    2. Button to create new messaging response.
    3. List item reordering handle.
    4. List item title.
    5. Date of last update.
    6. Item state, active / inactive. Only active responses will be used for matching.
    7. Indicator if response is used as default. When default is set it will be sent to user if no other response is matched.
    8. Button to delete response.
    9. Button to overview / edit response.