In order to view specific broadcast details you need to:

  1. Go to "Broadcasts" section.
  2. Select "Broadcasts" tab.
  3. Select broadcast from a list you want to get details for.
  4. Controls of a broadcast:
    1. Broadcast title.
    2. Broadcasted message template.
    3. Users list used to target broadcast.
    4. Users list segment used to target specific segment in a list.
    5. Processed/failed messages count:
      • Processed - successfully send messages.
      • Failed - messages failed to send count.
    6. Read/unread messages count:
      • Read - indicates how many users read message.
      • Unread - indicates how many users have not read message yet.
    7. Schedule date when broadcast must be sent at.
    8. Date when the broadcast was completed.
    9. Broadcast creation date.
    10. Chart indicating how many users read/unread message.