In order to configure messaging template response, you have to create new response template or edit existing one.

  1. A title of response template.
  2. Area for building template.
  3. Add audio to a template.
  4. Add buttons to a template.
  5. Add carousel elements to a template.
  6. Add a file to a template.
  7. Add an image to a template.
  8. Add list items to a template.
  9. Add quick replies to a template.
  10. Add text to a template.
  11. Add a video file to a template.
  12. Add custom integration via a callback.
  13. Save user input into a variable.
  14. Set user session variable and use it in custom integrations.
  15. Send GET request to a website (ping).
  16. Add user to a specific users list.
  17. Disable/enable auto response for the user.
  18. Display news from a defined data source.
  19. Match FAQ entries from a defined data source.